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I've been trying to find a definite answer, but from what I gathered by doing google searches, the . The Colt 1860 Army uses the same size frame as the . Traces of the cylinder scene are visible. Recessed, six-shot cylinder, with remains of navy style engravings, mark "COLTS PATENT" and serial number coeval with the other parts. 44 Caliber; 99% blue, excellent bore, very good grips, 8'' barrel, Reproduction black powder percussion revolver manufactured in Italy. 45 Schofield /. With the expiration of the Rollin White patent held by Smith & Wesson, Colt and other gun makers were quickly introducing new revolvers with bored-through cylinders allowing the use of metallic cartridges in their May 29, 2016 · The 1860 army snubnose is a full size revolver with a short 3" barrel. Is one brand better than another? Or easier to use? Also, since I don't reload, can I use any . 44 cal on left rear. You might try buying an un-converted 1860 and a conversion cylinder first. (Some say “1858” but that’s wrong). 1860 Army Revolver Converted to . Gun: Colt 1860 Army Richards “Cartridge Conversion” Condition: NRA Antique Very Good Value: $2,500-$5,000 The years immediately . Use in steel frame guns only, with black powder equivalent loads. S. 89 Add to Cart Conversion Cylinders Overview 1847 Walker 1848 Dragoon 1851 Navy 1858 Remington 1860 Army 1863 Pocket Rogers Spencer Ruger Old Army Parts and Kits World War II Services FAQ Pietta 1860 Army 45LC/45 Schofield This conversion cylinder converts steel frame Pietta 1851 & 1860 Navy & Army revolvers from . #2BP Cylinder Mount - $75. 451" and . 5 inches. SN 185326/IE. 1860 Colt ASM Hammer -616030 $24. 45Schofield smokeless ammunition. 36 caliber 1862 Police, and another 250,000 . Grip: 1-pc walnut 6 hours ago · Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver with Prototype Cartridge Conversion Manufactured in 1863. This is how the model later became known as the "1858" Remington New Model Army. Bunkhouse Tools Colt Army Model 1860 Percussion Cap Revolver Holster Mold Pistol-Revolver-1860 Army Cartridge Conversion-Custom Holster Play Set. 36 and . It is an 1860 Army revolver with a short barrel and birdshead grip. Total production period ran from 1860 to 1873 for a total of 200,000 revolvers. Howell Old West Conversions Conversion Cylinder 44 Caliber Uberti 1860 Army Steel Frame Black Powder Revolver 45 Colt (Long Colt) 5-Round Blue Product Family #: 100223751 Product #: 488404 Howell Old West Cartridge Conversion Cylinder Engraved for 1860 Pietta 45 Colt∗∗∗Attention revolvers made prior to 2002 may need to have the cylinder fitted by Howell Arms∗∗∗ $293. Made By Flli Pietta. 22 conversion cylinder for the 1851, 1861, & 1860 Colt is a stroke of genius. It is in . All were chambered for . 44 Colt is simply the . Learn more here http://www. 36 caliber with an 7. 44-caliber Colt Army 1860s, 28,000 . X 202673700016 Black powder revolver and . CAP AND BALL NAA" REVOLVER NAA-1860-4-CB" takes 22LRS! 1851 Navy Cylinder Pin/Arbor -1860 Army The Colt 1860 Army uses the same size frame as the . I was able to hold a tighter pattern on the 1858 with the R & D conversion. I bought and used five sets of these nipples for five percussion guns, two Colt 1860 Army opentop guns and three Remington New Army revolvers. 44 CF. By the time of the American Civil War (1861-65), the US military’s standard issue pistol was the Colt 1860 Army revolver. 36 caliber version of the 1849 Pocket Model. 00: Spare Cylinder For Uberti 1860 Army: 83-40005: $99. America” address and a tiny rear sight dovetailed into the top of the bbl at cylinder end. 0-inch-long, round barrel. The Colt Model 1860 Army was the Unions most purchased and issued revolver during the Civil War with over 127,156 acquired. Slix nipples for pietta fit it perfectly. Not able to post pictures on the computer. I think they'll be fine. 45 colt for it . 00. Select Uberti or Pietta. They are built with state-of-the-art materials, so you can enjoy safe and reliable performance with modern ammunition. 58 inch and the  8 Feb 2017 Shooting blackpowder is a lot of fun but traditionally time consuming and can take a lot of cleanup. 1851 or 1860 Army Navy, Colt Action job set up for reliable ignition. All the lettering on the barrel removed and reblued, and finally a Howell's 5 shot 45 Colt conversion cylinder fitted to it. They call it a . 44 Stainless Steel 1860 Army . From the popular 1851 Navy Revolvers to Rebel Revolvers including a Josey Wales model, there is sure to be a model for you! 1858 Army Revolver . 44 Cal NIB, 12" octagonal bbl, square notch rear sight, blade front sight, blued finish on barrel - cylinder - rear sight - trigger, Click for more info. 44 caliber Colt revolvers had been huge handguns weighing over four pounds and hence far too large for comfortable carry in a holster on one’s person. Standard 1860 Army grips and finish. One piece grips with European walnut stock. Eventually, a total of 9,000 Open Tops and 2,100 Richards-Mason conversions were produced. 44 black powder to . Most of the revolvers were issued to cavalry units on the frontier colt richards conversion 1860 army revolver - lot #4828b This is a fine condition Richards Conversion Colt 1860 Army Revolver. Or yard if ya got a right big yard. Sep 20, 2018 · A very rare and desirable Colt Model 1860 Army with Alexander Thuer's conversion to metallic cartridge cylinder. 45 colt! 19 Sep 2010 Seeing I don't own either an 1860 Army or a conversion cylinder of So you could use a WAlker Colt Model 1847 revolver in WA for hunting? 1860 Richards-Mason Army. 44 caliber. SP1850 Front Triggerguard Screw for Reproduction Colt 1851 Navy, 1860 Army, & 1861 Navy Revolver. com)- Uberti is amongst the few unique companies that reproduce finely crafted, and detailed armaments Nov 30, 2017 · The 1860 Army features an open-top frame; a stepped, six-shot cylinder; and a sleek, 8. 36 Navy cylinder at the back). 44-caliber revolver used during the American Civil War made by Colt's Manufacturing Company. 44 caliber, 5-shot steel-frame 1860 Army Revolver to a . 45 Colt cartridge. Today's . For more information, CLICK HERE. Sep 09, 2010 · Uberti’s 1860 Army Conversion revolver is chambered in . 44 Cal NIB. Uberti 341200. 1860 Colt ASM Revolver Parts. 00 for priority or may be shipped UPS at our discretion. If you would like to provide support to allow videos like this to  19 Jan 2018 Thanks to viewers who recommended the best way to remove the barrel from a Colt 1860 Army reproduction. These conversion cylinders convert various Uberti & Pietta steel frame Army revolvers from . 45 Long Colt cowboy ammunition. these revolvers were incomplete and in need of repair when found. I use some anti-seize on mine, but have used bore butter, RIG, and other greases in the past. 457" roundballs will work as well because the balls are trimmed to size when you force them into the chamber mouth. 44, one is a Remington style Piatta . "I would like it to be the top break or Swing out cylinder. 1860 army The 1851 Navy was a scaled up . 44 1858 Army . The 1860 Army Conversion required the resurrection of an old cartridge, the . SN 200777. This revolver falls within the 172,000-180,000 serial number range for most Model 1860 Thuer conversions. Cylinder engraved w/ naval scene. In 1871, Colt employee Charles Richards was awarded a patent for converting Colt percussion models to breech loading cartridge  1860 Richards-Mason Army · 1860 Richards-Mason Army. 45 ACP. . 44 Cal. New in box condition never fired. Contract Colt Model 1860 Army percussion revolver that was manufactured in 1863 and changed to cartridge configuration by Colt, using the Richards system in 1871-1872. Frame and conversion ring with much blued finish. Case-Hardened Frame, Steel B/S and T/G. This is a discussion on Pietta 44 cal 1851 Colt within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I have a Pietta Colt with a loose cylinder base pin, does the pin thread in? 1860 Colt Army- . 44, 18 Barrel. Get the best deals for pietta conversion cylinder at eBay. "1. I plan to get a conversion cylinder for my Pietta 1858 New Army. 451 inch. Own a piece of Civil War history! This . Over 200,000 were made from 1860 to 1873, and 156,000 were made by the end of the war in 1865. 1860 Army Conversion Cylinder Howdy All, Got a R&D . 514", the rims are also trimmed. Colt 1860 Army Long Cylinder Conversion Revolver (actually made from parts using new cylinders). 32 and . Side Ejector Rod Gun came from factory ready to fire cartridges and eject cases. 36 caliber. Colt 1860 Army with Richards cartridge conversion, compact model. Today, we'd term it a . Uberti 1858 New Army Target Carbine . The revolver has a retailer applied nickel-plated finish and period checkered, one-piece walnut grip. Cal. There is very little to no space on the frame to hinge a crane for a swing out cylinder. Colt 1860 Army Long Cylinder Conversion Revolver (C12985) Description: Colt 1860 Army Long Cylinder Conversion Revolver (actually made from parts using new cylinders). 44 Colt centerfire revolver, with 6-shot rebated cylinder and round 8” barrel. 00: Spare Cylinder For 1858 Remington Army - . 44 How to tell what year it is and general information. Edited June 5, 2016 by Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 A Rare and Very Fine Colt Model 1860 Army Thuer Conversion Revolver with Percussion Cylinder . 45 Colt conversion cylinder from Taylor's when I ordered my Pietta 1860 "Sherrif's model". Mar 08, 2011 · I have a pair of Uberti 1860 Army replicas fitted with conversion cylinders. 13 Sep 2008 This article shows you how to convert a percussion revolver to fire metallic cartridges. This is a fine example of a Colt Model 1860 Army Richards Conversion revolver with scarce 12-slot cylinder. 5 The realistic Pietta Model 1858 New Army . 44. Colt 1860 Army Richards “Cartridge Conversion” Revolver. 45 caliber. I've found them new, online at: *Taylor's & Co. This revolver can be used for Cowboy Action shooting with either smokeless or blackpowder loads, and will also make a great conversation piece when you take to the range for some inexpensive plinking and practice. Kirst Konverter for Pietta 1851/1861 with Loading Gate 38 Long Colt. See pages 403-413 for a discussion and photos of a 4-screw Colt Army with exact same “conversion” as this one. Will not fit . the "long cylinder" conversion of the 1860 army model revolver to . Remington & Son manufactured a percussion . Capguards: --Dawg. This Richards Converted Model 1860 Army revolver has all matching numbers on its barrel, frame, trigger guard, backstrap and cylinder. The 1858 New Army improved conversion was introduced by Remington in circa 1873 with special factory installed two piece cylinder, leaving the loading lever and adding an Lyman 1860 Army . 45 Colt. I like shooting black powder at outdoor ranges, but when I want to shoot at an indoor range you can't use Black Powder. Cylinder retains perhaps 60-65% of scene. 44 caliber, 8" barrel, S/N 154503 manufactured in 1865. A total of 1,138 Colt 1860 Army percussion revolvers were delivered in this manner to the U. There were three progressive models made; the Remington-Beals Army & Navy (1860–1862), the 1861 Army & Navy (1862–1863), and the New Model Army & Navy (1863–1875). Case-Hardened Frame, Brass B/S and T/G. 154503L was shipped to London and bears British proofs on barrel Description. I really like mine. May 18, 2020 · For sale is a Uberti 1860 Army in excellent condition. "COLT MODEL 1860 ARMY RICHARDS CONVERSION REVOLVER. 5″ Case-Hardened Frame, Steel B/S and T/GAdditional Specifications Overall Length: 11″ Finish: Blue Barrel: Round Cylinder: 6-shot, engraved Number of Grooves: 6 Twist: 1:16, RH Weight: 2. Which type of cartridge conversion do you have? No Side Ejector Rod Uses aftermarket drop in conversion cylinder. HOWEVER the conversion cylinder when shooting cartridges shoots the correct size bullet. Colt manufactured about 9000 of the Richards Converted revolvers between 1873 and 1878. Has an ejector rod attached, with loading lever removed and barrel lug plugged. Ordnance Department. No frame modification is needed, although minor fitting may be required due to gun manufacturer variations. I prefer stainless, but will take blued if I can find one. Aside from modification to the hammer, a change in cylinders, and scooping out the right recoil shield, the 1860 Army retains its original appearance. 44 Caliber FR18582. Original blued finish barrel and cylinder, case colored frame, loading lever, hammer and trigger, brass trigger guard and backstrap, varnish finished plain walnut grip. 38 Special cartridge conversion installed. Jul 09, 2014 · Uberti 1858 New Army Conversion Revolver AmmoLand Gun News. Pietta Remington 1858 Limited Edition 1 of 5000 Black Powder . Army for many years. The development of the new Kirst . It was used as a side arm by cavalry, infantry, artillery troops, and naval forces. 1860 Colt Army cartridge converters for Colt and Italian made replicas The 1860 Army Kirst Cartridge Konverter® is made for Pietta and Uberti replica revolvers. 44 . Its conversion breech plate has the telltale Richards rear sight and rim that projects over the breech end of cylinder. Materials: Full Nickel-Plated Steel Caliber: . Colt 1860 Army Caliber Revolver. 44 Remington New Army, six cartridges are Pietta Remington New Army; Pietta 1860 Army Colt; Uberti  13 Dec 2012 . It was an improved version of the earlier Remington-Beals and Remington Army revolvers of 1860, 1861 and 1862. Although they're accurate and I've used them to roll some paint cans around the range, I haven't yet used them in competition. Extraordinary Colt with 8″ rnd bbl, orig front sight and 1-line address. 375 inch [Beals Navy 7. 44-caliber Army Model of 1860 but had a barrel one half inch shorter, at 7. This . Grips with minor marks, wear at butt and minor chipping at right front   18 Apr 2014 Colt 1860 Army Richards “Cartridge Conversion” Revolver replacing the percussion cylinder and hammer with parts designed for cartridges. 44 size at the front, same as the . 457 lead ball. EXTRAORDINARILY RARE & PROBABLY THE SINGLE FINEST CASED ENGRAVED COLT THUER CONVERSION MODEL 1860 ARMY REVOLVER EXTANT. Uberti Factory Common Parts Set - 1851, 1861, 1860 -Wedge Assembly, 6x Nipples, Hand Spring, Sear Spring, Mainspring. Pre Howell Old West Conversions Conversion Cylinder 44 Caliber Pietta 1860 Army Steel Frame Black Powder Revolver 22 Long Rifle 6-Round Blue with Barrel Liner Product Family #: 1016873421 Product #: 487237 Pietta 1860 Army . 44 Black Powder Revolver. Traditions 1860 Army Engraved Blued, . 44 Colt. There is less space to hinge a top break and you would have to go UGLY to latch on something that is not there to latch on. First . 44 caliber, 1858 Remington Italian replicas, Uberti and Ruger® Old Army™ are chambered for the . Most folks shoot them with charges down in the 20-grain range. 36-(Navy) or . Oversized items will be 15. Contact me by UBERTI 1860 ARMY RICHARDS MASON CONVERSION; 1871-72 OPEN TOP; AGED IVORY GRIPS. MP1827 Hammer Roller Pin for Reproduction Colt 1851 Navy,1860 Army, 1861 Navy, and Remington . The 1860 Army took the place of the 3rd Model Dragoon and ranks third in the total number produced of the various Colt percussion handguns. Colt Single Action Army revolver he sport of cowboy action shooting is Because the conversion cylinder is con- Navy & 1860 Army Revolvers: Mike. 29 1860 army Uberti 1860 Army Conversion 38 Special Revolver 5. 44 caliber, 8" round barrel percussion revolver was to be the issue side arm for the U. However, the rugged, solid framed Remington with its screw-in barrel and quick-release cylinder became very popular with the military, with more than 115,000 being supplied by Remington before the end of the Civil War. com. 44 Caliber Black Powder Revolver delivers the same power and durability as the original. COLT MODEL 1860 ARMY REVOLVER WITH SECOND MODEL RICHARDS CONVERSION, 44 caliber, 8" barrel, ivory grips, six shot cylinder with roll engraved naval scene, brass trigger guard, ejector rod, hinged cartridge door, hammer with firing pin, all visible numbers match (no number on wedge), serial # 196197, manufactured 1871. I present their 1860 Army Snub Nose. 36 caliber 1851 Navy revolver, but with a relieved frame for the larger rebated cylinder and a shorter forcing cone on the barrel that allows for a longer Army & Navyholsters for sale. I plan on using the cap & ball cylinder primarily but wanted the option of having a black powder cartridge cylinder as well for ease of unloading should I happen to be carrying it. Jan 29, 2012 · 2 comments on “1860 COLT ARMY Cartridge Conversion” Earl July 22, 2012 Reply Just purchased two 7″ barrel 1860 Army’s myself and future plans are to convert with Kirst Conversions. The serial number, "1548" is in the correct 1000-1700 range for 12 slot cylinder revolvers. 22 cartridges without removing the cylinder. Jan 12, 2018 · The Remington Navy revolver is slightly smaller framed than the Army, and in . 44 caliber revolver but it uses a . 45 caliber, but the practice of the era was to name the caliber for the bore diameter measured from the top of the rifling lands, not from the bottom of the grooves. Among them: the 1851 Navy, 1858 New Army, and 1860 Army. 44 Special trimmed back from 1. Item #A1309 Product Information Add To Cart Jan 26, 2009 · As far as I know there are only two companies manufacturing conversion cylinders for the Ruger Old Army revolver. This gun is covered in depth in the book "A Study of Colt Conversions" by McDowell beginning on page 403. Cylinder locking notches over chambers often broken through. 45LC/. 454 lead bullet. Small parts under 13 ounces that can safely ship in a padded envelope will ship first class for $6. Pietta Spare Cylinders. As it came from the factory it was a percussion arm, taking separate powder, ball, and cap. 44 calibre balls or conical bullets. Taylor's does not recommend shooting ammunition rated above 850 fps in this conversion cylinder. The Remington cylinder cost more than I originally paid for the revolver. 36-caliber revolver was a six-shot, single-action percussion weapon produced by Colt's Manufacturing Company from 1861 until 1873. 00 RIA: Colt Richards Conversion 1860 Army February 13, 2016 Ian McCollum Conversion , Revolver , Video 7 Colt, like all the other manufacturers in the US, was prevented from making cartridge revolvers by the Rollin white patent, which finally expired in 1869. The Remington Navy revolver is slightly smaller framed than the Army and in . As percussion parts ran short, the 1860 Richards-Mason barrel was changed from the profile of the earlier percussion model, to the sleek profile found on the 1871-72 Open Top. Our price: $499. 45 LC or . The Model 1860 Army revolver was the primary issue revolver for U. This revolver has the distinctive Thuer modifications which include a bored through cylinder modified to accept the Thuer conversion ring, a barrel lug machined on the right Spare Cylinder For 1849 Pocket & Wells Fargo: 83-35005: $85. Aug 12, 2019 · Looking for a cartridge conversion cylinder for a Pietta 1858 Remington New Army revolver. Yesterday I tried to disassemble it to clean it before firing, but after removing the barrel wedge and pushing the loading lever against the cylinder, I found Taylor/Pietta 1860 Army Snub Nose Revolver Standard Engraved Cylinder Bird Head Grip . 44 Caliber Reb Revolver; LeMat Carbine 1732687: . Get a Quote for. 44 and the other is a Ruger Old Army . Bore diameter is typically 0. Richards Conversion adds a breechplate, with a firing pin and its own rear sight. Worthy of note is the Model 1860 Army was Colt’s first . With absolutely no modifications to the revolver, we can load shoot and eject . Apr 26, 2016 · Colt Richards Conversion 1860 Army Revolver . If this is the case you will be emailed with a shipping cost update. The frame is relieved to allow the use of a rebated cylinder that enables the Army to be chambered in . Blue finish. 44 center fire caliber, 8" round barrel length, S/N 2143 , single line Colt New York America address on top of the barrel. Both the 1851 and 1860 Black Powder revolvers made the West what it is today. Barrel has some original blue. Hello all, so I have, as the title states, an Uberti 1860 Army repro that's straight from the factory. 44 cal: 83-100005: $99. Buy now. See Study of Colt Conversions by Bruce McDowell. McDowell suggests that approximately 60 were made. Starter Kit includes: a nipple wrench, straight line capper, adjustable powder measure, powder flask, 30 lead round balls, 30 3mm-thick lubed wads and 30 10mm-thick lubed wads. Nov 12, 2009 · Now for the conversion cylinder. The bore diameter of the 44-40 is too small to consider for your conversion on the 1860 Army, you might be better off to just buy a conversion revolver in 44 Colt/44 Russian caliber. and the British military. 44 caliber revolver was born of technological advances in metallurgy and, to some degree, in response to a demand for hard hitting, powerful firearms that could somehow be more sleek and lightweight than the old Dragoons. 6 lbs. 22 Remington Conversion; 1858 Remington; 1851 & 1861 Colt Navy. Starting Price: $1,778. You can purchase a conversion cylinder for your gun. 44 caliber, although versions were also made in both . Designed to fit only Pietta Black Powder Revolvers. 1860 Army Conversion Revolver 341362 Army . The Kirst design IS a 6 shot cylinder NOT 5 shot as some have reported. C/H Frame, Brass B/S and T/G. ; Only FFFg BLACK POWDER may be used in these or similar percussion revolvers. In the cylinder I use in my . . 44 caliber, has a Engraved cylinder, and a 3. 36 caliber 1851 Navy revolver. 36 caliber 1862 Police, and the old revolver and cutting off the back of the muzzleloading cylinder,  Results 26 - 50 of 71 1858 Remington Revolver Spare Pietta Black Powder Cylinder, Steel . Most Used Handgun of the American Civil War! Here we present an antique Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion Revolver, made in 1863 during the Civil War in Hartford, Connecticut. Two of the Remington styles are Uberti stainless steel. SN 3. Item # WX2- 670411 Oct 01, 2011 · The 1860 Army with the 12 stop conversion is generally the same as standard model Richards except cylinder has extra "safety" notches between the locking notches. 45LC conversion cylinder [x-post from blackpowder] I purchased a Pietta copy of a Remington 1858 New Army revolver. Converting your reproduction revolver with  19 Mar 2020 I just wish these cylinders weren't so darn expensive. 1871 Navy Open-Top Revolver. 44 caliber, has a fluted cylinder, and a 3″ barrel without a loading lever. Brass trigger guard has . 30 Nov 2018 This type of conversion was performed by supplying a new cylinder in the Colt 44 CF cartridge, fitting it with a new cylinder ring in front of the  Six-round conversion cylinder converts steel frame, cap and ball revolvers to modern Uberti and Ruger® Old Army™ are chambered for the . To do the cartridge conversion I bought the cylinder, backplate, and Remington factory style ejector from Kirst Konverter . Apr 14, 2018 · Description: Fine Nickel-Plated Colt Model 1860 Army Richards Conversion Revolver with Scarce "N" Suffix Serial Number This is an example of a Colt Model 1860 Army revolver that has been factory fitted with a Richards conversion unit. 44 Caliber 3. The 1860 Kirst Konverter® was designed with safety notches between chambers so you can safely carry five rounds of . This is because the New Army Revolver is an evolution of the original Beals 1858 patent. 10", and since the diameter of the cylinder of the 1860 Army is too small to accept six . The basic patent for all of these was issued in 1858. 1851 Navy Conversion Revolver. Left side of the frame marked "Colts Patent". The cylinder has safety notches in between the bolt  revolver. Given these features, it is extremely likely that this pistol was used in combat during the Civil War. 12 stop cylinder is numbered 5395 with "DD" inspector (from another gun) but has a strong cylinder scene and lots of the original Colt blue. The revolvers were famously used by Custer’s 7th Uberti® Reproduction Colt® 1860 Army Steel Frame Fluted Cylinder . The Colt specimen is one of some 200,000 M1860 Army revolvers made from 1860 through 1873 and was the successor type to the larger Colt Third Model Dragoon horse pistol. The photos show some 36 cal revolvers converted to 38 S&W cal. 31 or . Those two companies being: Kirst Konverter (phone number?) and R&D Gun Shop but now called Howell Old West Conversions (608-676-2518). 608". 45 Colt Navy Revolvers; 1860 Colt Army; Dance Brothers Confederate Revolver; Colt Walker & Dragoons; Ruger Old Army; Ejector Tool; Specials . 38 Spl 5. All Thuer conversions appear to have been sent to England and 154503 is no exception with the small "L" appearing below the serial numbers. Kirst Konverter for Colt Pocket Model . 44 Long Colt. This 6-shot, . 44 Caliber This is an extremely rare example of a U. The Snub Nose model also features very comfortable checkered flattop birdshead grips. In the . The new 1860 Army Snub Nose takes a smaller size twist on the traditional full size 1860 Army. Later gun and a civilian model. Sn 198XXX, all 1860 numbers matching. subinspector stamps; indicating that this was one of the very first 1860 Armies to find its way into the hands of the Union Army. 22 cal Conversion! I haven't shot this gun for decades and I forgot how much fun it is to shoot. Fits Pietta model 1851, 1860, 1873, and 1858. 50 $24. 36 caliber cylinders. brownellsvideos. The original cap-and-ball cylinder of the 1858 New Army cartridge revolver was replaced by a cartridge cylinder with a loading gate and a new breech face. I had just purchased a new Uberti 1873 Cattleman with a 7 1/2 " barrel and also had the Uberti 1858 Remmington Army with the conversion in a side by side test at the range. 36 calibers. Colt 1860 Army with Richards conversion. percussion revolver to a five shot cartridge  Convert your 1860 Army. 38 Special or . Cimarron’s Richards-Mason Conversion Revolver by Jeff Quinn. Dec 22, 2011 · i have an italian copy of an 1860 colt army in . Other specifications pertaining to 1860 Army Revolver remain as previously described, if they are not directly altered by the conversion. 44 Colt in modern form. 45 LC cartridge shooting firearm. Cylinder sold separately. percussion revolver to a five shot cartridge shooting 45 LC firearm. The revolver is manufactured by Pietta. The Colt Special Musket was issued to state troops, and the Model 1855 Revolving Rifle saw service with both Union infantry and cavalry, as well as with Colonel Hiram Berdan's United States Sharp Shooters. The older rough 1860 Army is on The screw heads are a little munged up but I can fix those with some sand paper and heated pin Conversion Cylinder for Pietta 1858 Remington Steel Frame, Sep 01, 2009 · If I had 220 bucks, I'd drop the money ad get my 1860 Army a conversion cylinder. 5" Barrel The new 1860 Army Snub Nose takes a smaller size twist on the traditional full size 1860 Army. ARMI SAN MARCO ,Model 1860 Army, . CY0503 Cylinder for Reproduction Pietta Colt 1860 Army Revolver. 45 LC and built on a case-hardened frame with a steel backstrap and trigger guard. 44 Caliber, Black Powder Revolver Select one of these thumbnail images to view it in the above larger display. Rare Colt Conversion. Meaning you need a 45 Colt conversion cylinder as a 45 colt uses a . Cody Matching Set. Taylor/Uberti 1860 Army Charcoal Blue Finish . This handsome percussion cap and ball sidearm is an early, original Civil War Model 1860 Army revolver in excellent condition overall. 36 cal: 83-136005: $94. 6 May 2014 This video Showcases the Taylors and Co Revolver Cartridge Conversion Cylinder. 44-(Army) caliber revolver used during the American Civil War from 1862 onwards. A COLT 2nd GEN. A brass loading Noted from the Richards-Mason conversion by its fixed rear sight on the breach ring and fixed firing pin in cylinder. 95: Out Of Stock Spare Cylinder For 1858 New Model Navy - . The 1860 Army Konverter was designed with safety notches between The 1860 Army Kirst Cartridge Konverter® is made for Pietta and Uberti replica revolvers. Description: Pietta 1851 Navy/1860 Army drop-in conversion cylinder by Howell's Old West. bruce mcdowell, pages 403-414. 1872 Army Open-Top Revolver. Pietta 44 cal 1851 Colt. This is a solidly built Model 1860 replica that was made with a . The longest OAL that 1860 Pietta cylinder will accept is 1. Barrel and frame have been re-blued. Manufacturer: A. I think the five shot thing is simply due to the smaller diameter of the cylinder versus say a Remmie or SAA. It has “COLTS PATENT” on left side of the frame in an unusual pattern. Colt 1860 Army Revolver. This cylinder is for the Pietta 1851 Navy or the 1860 Army STEEL FRAMED revolvers. 44 cal BP to 45 colt cartridge BP conversion. This Colt Model 1860 Army revolver was manufactured in 1868 and modified by Colt for the Thuer cartridge conversion. Features blued steel backstrap and brass triggerguard. Grip: Oil Finished Walnut In 1959, Aldo Uberti began making replicas of Civil War-era cap and ball revolvers. L COLT NEW-YORK U. i also have a conversion cylinder in . 451, . All previous . 50 1860 Colt ASM Ramrod Catch - 616060 $5. Has a 6-shot cylinder and an integral ejector rod to replace the loading lever that had been removed. Richards-Mason Conversion, 1860 Army Revolver This conversion is different from Richards Conversion, in a number of readily apparent aspects. It has a Rebated six shot cylinder roll engraved with the Naval Engagement scene. The open-top of the 1860 always looked so cool in Clint Eastwood movies when I was growing up. It has all the features of the second Model Richards conversion. ) ADD: . Color casehardened loading lever and hammer. I have used Buffalo bullets in the past, but I don't think they are being manufactured any longer. Shipping charges will be adjusted at the order desk. LLI Pietta. The handy, more powerful revolver immediately found a following among soldiers and civilians alike and was eventually adopted by both the U. 31 and . Not recommended for brass framed revolvers. Find a Dealer LEARN MORE. Check to compare Uberti 1860 Army Conversion 45 Long Colt Revolver 5. It's an original 1860 Colt Army pistol, complete with all correct markings, beat-up and blacksmith converted way back when to rimfire. I never fired this revolver using black powder, only with a conversion cylinder. 454 minie balls should be ok to use in a Pietta-made 1860 army revolver(The manufacturer's manual isn't all that specific either). 44 caliber revolver since the 3rd Model Dragoon. The barrel on the 1860 Army has a forcing cone that is visibly shorter than that of the 1851 Navy, allowing the Army revolver to have a longer cylinder. SAM. 50 1860 Colt ASM Trigger - 616100 Issue with new Uberti 1860 Army revolver and removing the barrel from the frame. 1860 Richards Transition Model®, Type II · 1860 Richards Transition Model®, Type II. Barrel was manufactured with a small lug, much different in appearance than seen on standard 1860 Army. Frame with 1871 and 1873 patents, provided with Richards breech-loading Those that prefer to stay authentic use replicas of such early percussion revolvers as the Colt 1851 Navy or 1860 Army or the Remington New Model Army; those that want the best possible percussion revolver when it comes to function and accuracy and also easy cleanup go with the Ruger fixed sighted Old Army. 44-caliber New Model Army revolver until 1863. Serial No. Conversion Kit. For more information and to see quantity in stock, click the "More Info" button. It is in about Very Good condition with about 18% of its original finish remaining. 44 cal. The Colt Army Model 1860 is a muzzle-loaded cap & ball . 44 version, each of the six chambers can hold up to 40 grains of black powder. 44 Engraved 1858 Army . A brass loading tool is included with gun. Remington Arms Company didn't introduce its new more powerful . ALL Conversion cylinders must be used with STEEL FRAMED revolvers with the exception of the 1851/1860-22LR conversion kit! The conversion cylinder gives the owner two revolvers in one! Please check out our Newest addition, the Stainless 1851 Navy Engraved 38 Conversion Cylinder. 454 caliber round balls and . It incorporated the "creeping" or ratchet loading lever and round barrel of the . The 1860 is half the weight of the previous Walker and Dragoon pistols Remington introduced their New Model Army . This variation was usually produced in the 100-300, 1,000-1,700 and 200,000 serial ranges. The current reproduction 1858 Remington revolvers are closest to the Remington New Army Revolver that was manufactured between 1863 and 1888. Allows for easy loading of chambers of a cylinder when removed from the gun. There were three progressive models made: the Remington-Beals Army & Navy (1860–1862), the 1861 Army & Navy (1862–1863), and the New Model Army & Navy (1863–1875). Remington was the first to introduce single action cartridge conversion revolvers in 1868. Ordnance and became very popular with the mounted troops. #4872 Colt 1860 Army, "Thuer" conversion, 8"x44Thuer with a very decent bore considering the hard-used exterior A Scarce Richards Conversion Of the Colt 1860 Army Revolver, which was an early conversion from percussion, to metallic Cartridge, and popular with American Western Gun Fighters. the revolver "Coffs" out a bullet halfway to the target and sometimes scatters cylinder parts all over the range. Uberti: 1860 Army Conversion 45 Colt with Case Hardened Frame and Engraved Cylinder for sale at Vance Outdoors. 22 Conversion Kit, fits both . No FFL required to purchase. AMERICA", cal. 44 caliber, 8. There is also some pitting on the barrel towards the muzzle. 44 revolver in 1863. EXTREMELY RARE CASED TRANSITION COLT 1860 ARMY CONVERSION CARTRIDGE REVOLVER. government ordnance because of its lighter weight, improved balance, and superior ballistics. 97. for $240 - $270 depending on finish *Howell Arms for $240 - $290 depending on caliber and fluted/unfluted To reload, just drop the cylinder, pull the plate off and dump the fired cases. 1851, 1858 and 1860 and 1871 Custom Leather Army and Navy Holster rigs are made in America. In a similar fashion Remington also turned out revolving rifles. Manufactured by F. This cylinder converts the . dating: third quarter of the 19th Centuryprovenance: USARound, rifled barrel with brass foresight, marked "ADDRESS COL. Fine early conversion with 8" rnd bbl, German silver front sight, New York address with Richards-style ejector rod housing filling rammer socket. 16" to approximately 1. The Thuer conversion is one of the rarest of all Colt cartridge firearms, and the 1860 Army Thuer conversion is one of the rarest of this already rare group. It is theorized that these late conversions were all based on using up the leftover 1860 percussion revolvers Jul 30, 2013 · The 1858 Remington is a single-action, cap-and-ball percussion revolver, usually . Overall the barrel has a nice even patina. 44 caliber center fire, rebated 12 stop cylinder. The frame is relieved to allow the use of a rebated cylinder that enables the The Colt Model 1861 Navy cap & ball. 5" barrel without a loading lever. 44 caliber revolvers use #11 percussion caps. This pistol is available in three barrel lengths, and it carries a walnut grip and blue finish on the barrel and cylinder. 1860 Army and Sheriff The 1860 Army saw extensive use during the Civil War and was a favored sidearm of Union troops. Still, it would  25 Feb 2017 45 Colt cartridge conversion cylinder on a Remington New Model Army revolver. The The introduction of the Colt 1860 Army revolver, officially known as a Holster Pistol, as opposed to the Colt . Nice sharp gun that has been cleaned. Cylinder has thin, but clear naval engagement scene with "Colt Patent No. 1851 Navy Conversion Revolver Navy Case-Hardened Frame, Brass B/S and T/G. photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn Around 130 years ago, the center fire revolver cartridge was coming on strong. The barrel on the 1860 Army has a forcing cone that is visibly shorter than that of the 1851 Navy, allowing the Army revolver to have a longer This revolver started life as a Pietta replica Remington 1858 New Model Army. Standard 1860 conversion with round 8" barrel, . These revolvers are great to take to the range, use in re-enactments, or just for display. I liked the idea of getting into Cowboy Action Shooting, but it just never worked out living in Philly. Jul 22, 2015 · Colt Single Action Army Revolver Over 37,000 Colt Single Action 1873s would be purchased by the Army from 1873 until its replacement in 1892. 45 Long Colt ammo, plus it is SASS legal for Cowboy This conversion cylinder will allow you to convert your 1851 Navy or 1860 Army Pietta . Rancho Cucamonga, CA -(Ammoland. Since the revolver in question is . Thousands of Colt converted percussion revolvers found their way into the hands of sheriffs, outlaws, gunfighters, soldiers, cowboys, miners and ranchers throughout the Old West. Uberti of Italy Model: 1860 Army Fluted Cylinder SKU: 340410 Caliber: . 44 rf calibre is discussed at length in a study of colt conversions and other percussion revolvers by r. 22 Colt Pocket Model Kit. #2BP Cylinder Mount . Uberti HARDENED Factory Screw Set (1851, 60, 61) TG Screw, 2xBS Screw-Wedge Screw, Hammer Screw, Trigger Screw The original Colt 1860 Army was based on an 1851 Navy frame that was modified to take a rebated cylinder (. 44 caliber, round-barrel percussion revolver became very popular with mounted troops and went on to be the issue sidearm for the U. Jul 20, 2011 · The best "ammo" that I have found for the 1860 army revolver is . 44 Rimfire with 8" barrels, assembled from obsolete percussion revolver parts and newly fabricated straight round cartridge cylinder. And that’s part of the beauty of cap The 1860 Army uses the same frame and lock work as the 1851 Navy revolver. Frankly i dont think one is made. Nickel finish with 8″ 1860 Army bbl, orig front sight with 1-line “New-York U. Seller: Sprague's Sports Inc. 1851 Navy . 454" roundballs (that's actually . Special Deals; Model 1860 Colt Revolver; 1851 . is a inter-twined GDG in a circle and the cylinder is in graved with ships. 45 LC store ammo, or does it have to be "cowboy" load? Are the "cowboy" loads just light loads of smokeless powder (for cleanup)? Are these cylinders a bit of a pain to reload? Uberti cartridge revolvers are true replicas of original historical designs. 44 Caliber 8" Barrel Cap And Ball Bp Revolver The 1860 Army was adopted as U. It was used primarily by Union soldiers, and widely favored over the standard issue Colt Army Model 1860 by those who could afford it, due primarily to its durability and ability to quickly reload by swapping out cylinders. Taylor's & Company Conversion Cylinder 44 Caliber Pietta 1858  The United States Army, equipped with 1860 Colt cap-n-ball sixguns since the Civil Thuer's invention altered the cylinder of percussion revolvers to allow a  9 Feb 2018 Did you know there are snub nose black power revolvers? You can even get a conversion cylinder to turn it into a firearm and shoot . Taylor/Pietta 1860 Army Snub Nose: Birds head Grip Steel . The data in the above table was taken from the Colt Black Powder Instruction Manual. Steel frame, color casehardened. Any Caliber/Gauge. Results 1 - 30 of 58 This conversion cylinder will allow you to convert your 1851 Navy or 1860 Army Pietta . 36 calibre Belt Pistol, could not have come at a more opportune moment for Sam Colt. The Model 1860 was the single most used pistol of the American Civil War. It has a checkered half-moon ejector rod head. EP1800 Front Sight Blade for Reproduction Colt 1860 Army Revolver. Note: Grips are very good later replacements. I can send a text via cell phone with pictures. Kirst Konverter for Pietta 1858 Remington with Loading Gate 38 Special. 36 calibers. 1860 Army Conversion These conversion cylinders convert various Uberti & Pietta steel frame Army revolvers from . when i try to use the conversion cylinder the ist round goes off fine ,but then the back par … read more The Remington New Army Revolver is often referred to as the 1858 Remington. 44 caliber it should have the rebated cylinder. Feb 22, 2014 · Colt 1860 Army Richards Conversion to . Loading gate has 3986 stamped on it. Left side of frame has 2 line Colts Patent with no dates. Built on the same frame as the 1851 Navy, it featured a streamlined barrel, improved loading lever, and a belted cylinder added strength. 36 caliber with a 7. Within 12 months of the first guns rolling off the production line the North American continent was thrown into a bloody conflict that would last for This revolver also features numerous U. 5" Barrel. 44 Special rims with a diameter of . Colt produced its first revolving rifle shortly after producing the first Colt Paterson Model pistol. 36-caliber 1851 Navy models) cap and ball revolvers before 1873. 44 Rimfire with 8" barrels, assembled from obsolete percussion revolver parts and newly fabricated straight round cartridge cylinder. 44 Colt centerfire. 36 1851 Navy . Parts over 13 ounces will ship priority mail for $9. Traditions™ offers a wide variety of black powder revolvers that are accurate reproductions. It can be for either . 44 Caliber Black Powder Capacity: 6 Round Cylinder Barrel Length: 8" Material: Case Hardened Frame, Steel Back Strap, Brass Trigger Guard Finish: Polished Blued Weight: 2. 22 Colt Std. 00: Out Of Stock Spare Cylinder For Uberti 1851 & 1861 Navy: 83-00005: $85. Gun is all matching. R&D Conversion Cylinder sold It was used as a side arm by cavalry, infantry, artillery troops, and naval forces, and was the most widely used revolver of the war. Brand New Uberti 45 long colt revolver cylinder for the early model revolver. The 1860 Army Revolver, because of its lighter weight, improved balance and superior ballistics was adopted by the U. Sep 27, 2016 · Note: IMHO the 1860 Colt Army is the weakest design of all revolvers. On the bottom just above the serial no. Armi San Marco ,Model 1860 Army, . Aug 29, 2015 · Replicas of the 1858 Remington New Army revolver have been used in several Clint Eastwood films like “Pale Rider” and in the film “Outlaw Josie Wales” Eastwood used a 1860 New Army percussion revolver and in some scenes the 1858 Remington New Army Conversion. troops, while other Colt revolvers were acquired through private purchase. Appears used very little if at all. Fits . You can not use a 44 conversion cylinder. Pietta percussion revolver to a five shot . This is an 1860 . 44-Caliber Revolver Spare Cylinder This Spare Cylinder allows you to carry Six additional rounds with you so you can reload quickly and easily. C/H Frame, Steel B/S and T/G. The top edge of the frame at its front end was relieved to accommodate a rebated cylinder, which uses . This ammo is offered by Black Hills Ammunition. 44 Engraved connecticuit valley arms cva made in italy 1860 army replica. 44. 5 inch] barrel length. 2. 44 Colt CF. The 1858 Target Carbine not only incorporates most of the Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers: auctioneers of art, pictures, collectables and motor cars Bonhams : A Colt Model 1860 Army 1st Model Richards conversion revolver We use cookies to remember choices you make on functionality and personal features to enhance your experience to our site. 44 Engraved Colt 1860 Army Civilian Model. 50 $5. It's a very pleasant gun showing 35 - 40% original blue on the barrel (mostly on the lug and barrel bottom) mixing with an untouched blue-brown patina. 1860 Army Conversion Revolver. Models for . Jan 06, 2017 · A comparison between a Long Cylinder conversion and an 1860 Army percussion model reveals the minor, yet efficient changes made to convert the cap-and-ball guns to metallic cartridges. 44 Caliber 3″ Barrel Black Powder Revolver. Dropped it right in and it works great. This conversion cylinder is Single Action Shooting Society (SASS)-approved for Cowboy Action Shooting with all five chambers loaded due to the unique safety-notch design. 1860 army revolver conversion cylinder

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